Hey! My name is Matas. I'm a Co-founder and visual artist @zazucreative. I animate, love kite surfing, and can't start a day without freshly ground coffee.

Infographic Go To Lithuania

Never been to Lithuania? Don’t know how to get there? Want to try Lithuanian cuisine? Now you can get the brief info by checking our infographic guide to Lithuania. Go to Lithuania, folks!

Salzburg Trip video.

Trip to Salzburg, Austria. 

Have a look at one more illustration from our über exciting project, which should come to a daylight pretty soon

My mums tools. Some photos I took for my mums hand-made postcard Facebook page. 

Happy birthday ,Lithuania! Su gimtadieniu, Lietuva :) #ltu #lithuania #lietuva #vasario16 #independence #baltic #castle #kaunas #flag #vcso


Vilnius has UNESCO Europe’s largest baroque old town. Watch this space for upcoming updates!


Famous places in Lithuania. Hill of Crosses. Watch this space!


Work in progress. Kernave’s church. Lithuania. Watch this space for upcoming updates


We’re giving you another glimpse at our work in progress :) enjoy folks!

Inspiration vs. Plagiarism


A frenchman named Maxime Barbier copied one of my movies, the concept, the idea, nearly scene for scene, and in places line for line. Then he sold that movie to Coca Cola. Then he thanked me on Facebook for the ‘inspiration’.

New Years Eve 2012 I embraced my inner romantic, spontaneously…

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Hey guys! We wanted to give you a quick glimpse of a project we’re currently working on. We’re super excited and can’t wait to share more details with you Yours, Zazu team #lithuania #ltu #infographic #vector #line #art #icon #lietuva #creative #studio